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Indeed no web site of basia's would be complete without photos of "Peanut." Let me explain: For 13 years, Ken (husband) and myself have aided feral (wild) cats at our Michigan home. We trap the cats, spay and neuter, nurse them to recovery, and release them to the wild. We also catch their kittens, spay and neuter, and adopt them out. We have never lost a feral after surgery. All fixed cats have voluntarily returned to us and now we have a loving, clean, sanitary cat sanctuary. A room was fixed up in the rear of our home with beds, linen, automatic feeders and water bowls, and a door for free entry and exit. In the winter they are warm and safe; summer they roam and sun themselves on our deck. So, it is only fitting and proper that Peanut join me on my web site. Do you notice only one eye? That's right. Peanut was born with no sight.

We nursed the eyes: one eye opened, the other did not. Medically we were told to remove the eye to decrease the possibility of infection. So we did. Peanut, an inside cat now, asked to be included on the site. E-mail Peanut: She accesses e mail frequently. Two additional comments: We are amazed at how many compassionate people aid neglected abandoned animals. Reading about the evil deeds some in-human humans inflict on the helpless, we believe one kind act makes a difference. Peanut thinks so, too. The other comment: Hats off to the judges with guts that sentence criminals to jail time for killing, abusing, etc. defenseless animals. Honorable John Scotillo being one. There are others; continue to vote for these admirable jurists.

Thanks for reading and caring.

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